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Instead of the traditional wax compound Fantastik is a modern,
water based polymer emulsion used for floor polish as well as
tiles, linoleum, vinyl, marble and sealed wood.
Directions for use: Fantastik needs to be applied thinly and
evenly in one direction, using a sponge or cloth. More than one
layer should be applied allowing approximately one hour between
applications. Fantastik need not be reapplied after each floor wash
although it is recommended that it be completely removed from
time to time to avoid any build up.



LC30 is a concentrated cleaning liquid suitable for commercial & industrial accounts; walls,tiles, floors, tables, upholstery.

*It is economical; effective at low concentrations,
*Suitable for use at home, in industrial or commercial facilities as well as in food preparation areas,
*Safe to use; has a neutral pH & contains no hazardous substances,
*Biodegradable: returns to its original components after use,
*Convenient paƧkaging of 5 litres
and 25 litres.


Care is a highly concentrated disinfectant, for use on inanimate surfaces.
-Dilution 1 in 10. Hospital grade disinfectant.
-Dilution 1 in 50. Industrial & Household grade disinfectant & deodoriser.
Directions for use:
Spray surface and allow at least a 10 minute contact time before wiping. NB: Very soiled surfaces should preferably be cleaned with Super 10/LDC/LC 30 before application. Cleaners should not be mixed with Care.
Care is safe to use.

Carpet Glo

Carpet Glo is powerful, yet gentle so that it only removes dirt and enhances the carpets colour and general appearance.

Key Benefits:
*It cleans Carpets and upholstery,
*Highly concentrated, hence very economical,
*Voluminous foam makes for efficient dry method cleaning,
*Versatile: Leaves window panes sparkling.
Available in; 1litre Ksh. 1,630
5litre Ksh.5,820
+254 725 156 604